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  • How long is the manufacturer's warranty?
    Manufacturer's warranty is for one year from purchase date.
  • Does delivery include set up?
    Delivery does not include set up. If you would like set up please let us know and an there will be an additional charge.
  • If I pay for delivery and set up will you remove my old furniture?
    Set up doesn't not include break down of old furniture or removal. If you would like us to do so there will be and additional charge.
  • Why is my mattress more firm than I expected?
    All mattresses go through a break-in period. Your mattress will be softer on day 10 than it is on day 1. Give it time to expected feel.
  • Why are prices in New Orleans different from Phoenix?
    The freight and shipping rates are more expensive to get to the middle of the country vs. the west coast. Therefore the overall cost of furniture will be more expensive in the New Orleans area.
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